Woodle – Blue / Purple

Woodle – Blue / Purple

Product: Shoulder Hand Bag

Model: Woodle

Material: Natural leather

Interior: 1 pocket

Bag Size – 20 X 16 X 7

Item Net Weight: 0,45 kg

Leather Colours: Blue / Purple

SKU: 001-2-1-12-1-4-1-2 Categories: , ,

We live in a world where a lot of things are mass-produced.

However, the demand for handmade products is increasing as people are looking for more uniqueness and difference, while handmade products mean more quality and more attention to detail.

Bag “Woodley” is one of the most diverse bags in the cosmos, which has its own unique history.

“Woodley” is a natural leather bag with Georgian walnut sides, each detail of which is made by hand.

For more uniqueness, some models of the bag wood are hand-painted with various themes, while some are engraved with unique Georgian ornaments preserved in the National Museum.

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