Tani – Lilac

Tani – Lilac

Product: Shoulder Hand Bag

Model: Tani

Material: Natural leather

Leather Type: Cow leather

Interior: 2 pocket

Bag Size (H*W*D): 24 x 20 x 6

Item Net Weight: 0,35 kg

Leather Colours: Lilac

Accessories: Belt

SKU: 001-2-1-1 Categories: , ,

Georgian script is one of the oldest and it is among the 14 scripts in the world. On November 30, 2016, the Georgian alphabet was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind by UNESCO.

“MRGLOVANI” is an ancient and unique type of Georgian script. It is also found in fifth century monuments.

The script is unique because it is built with geometric graphic elements: straight lines, circles, and semicircles. They are always connected with a straight lines.

Inspired by the shapes of the alphabet, We decided to revive the letter “თ” (T) from the alphabet and give it a new, modern function.

The bag “თანი” (TANI) takes the name of the letter “თ” (T) from the alphabet and repeats the shapes of it.

We believe that to everything old can be given a new life, And what’s more do it with making a less harmful impact to the nature, that is why I decided to use recycled walnut wood waste for making a bag handle.

The uniqueness of the design is confirmed and protected by the Georgian National Intellectual Property Center.

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