Chokhcha – Blue / Lilac

Chokhcha – Blue / Lilac

Product: Wais Bag

Model: Chokhcha

Material: Natural leather

Interior:  3 pocket

Bag Size (H*W*D): 30 x 15 x 7

Belt Size: Customisable

Item Net Weight: 0,22 kg

Leather Colours: Blue / Purple

Accessories: Wooden Details

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CHOKH’CHA Tradition + Utility 

Reinventing the National Icon As a Daily Accessory.

Chokha is a traditional male dress worn all over the Caucasus region. Through many centuries it has become a symbol of Georgian national identity, but it has lost its daily function and fashion momentum among younger audiences. 

Today chokhas are priced high and are only reserved for special occasions – as a folk dance costume or formal attire during weddings, diplomatic meetings, and public gatherings. 

With vision to make national identity a relevant part of everyday life for young people again, our design team decided to create the most popular modern accessory with a very Georgian twist. 

We used the highest quality leather on the bag. three colours of green are used, and they have different meanings, these three colours are combined with calmness, creativity, purposefulness and optimism. 

The most important detail of Georgian traditional Chokha is ‘Masra’ (“cartridge for firearm propellants”), we have used an alternative to walnut wood details, which are made by hand. (originally designed to carry bullets or gunpowder) 

Comfortable waist bag with multiple pockets, Chokh’cha is named after the original. 

Chokh’chas come in many different colour ways and materials, making the waist bag even more appealing and accessible to wider audiences. To make things official, the original design has been granted an official patent from the National Intellectual Property Centre of Georgia. 

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