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Welcome to Cosmo

“Cosmo” was founded by Sophie Mukhulishvili and Tamo Aptsiauri in 2015. However, they still did not know how much to look forward to. A few years later, “Cosmo” became Georgia’s most diverse handmade accessories factory. Today, the colourful and unique accessories of “Cosmo” are locally presented in 7 branches across Georgia.                                                 

COSMO can also be found internationally in the Netherlands and Germany also on the E-commerce platform “Etsy”. 

At COSMO we believe that fashion should be comfortable and People’s.    That’s why we create bags just by thinking about the everyday life of real people.

 We are adventure seekers, we strive with innovations and are always thinking to create something new and at the same time exceed the expectations of our customers. The main designer, Tamuna Kvirikadze, combines all these ideas and creates designs that have repeatedly given happiness to people and have remained in their lives’ memories with color, joy and love. 


The process of production is quite Interesting, We are all together involved in the process of creation, all of our products are made by hand with natural leather and walnut wood, The painting done on our bags and accessories are fully painted by hand with acrylic paint by our designer. Every single product that we create are fully made by hand and tailored to the tastes of people of all ages. 

The collection is constantly updated, We are trying to improve our products  to fit the customer’s needs. Cosmo creates different types of products, Such as: Handmade Leather bags, Natural wooden rings; Processed wooden earrings, bags, necklaces, cups, brochures, bookmarks and seals; Various metal necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brochures and other accessories.

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Tamo Aptsiauri


Sofi Mukhulishvili


Giorgi Kotchlamazashvili

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